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It was great to see you at Team '24!

Whether we had a chat at our booth or if you attended Team '24 virtually, this page has everything you need to catch up on everything we got up to at this year's event.
Date: 30 April - 2 May 2024
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Let's talk Jira

Whether you're looking to improve your productivity with Atlassian tools or protect your organisation's most important data in Jira, we've got the app you need.
If you've just got back from Team '24 and are ready discover how our award-winning Jira apps can elevate your workday, book a demo with one of our experts today.
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Ready to keep your Jira clean and healthy?

We've all been there—just like when you moved into a new home, you start off trying to keep everything organised and tidy. But over time, life gets in the way and things just pile up—your Jira isn't too dissimilar!
Want to find out how you can take back control of your Jira instance and keep it clean and manageable with ease? Discover how each of our apps can fit into your Jira management strategy in this handy resource.
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Discover our award-winning Jira apps

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Encryption for Jira
Safeguard your most important data stored in Jira custom fields and attachments using disk-level encryption, and ensure compliance with key regulations such as the GDPR, ISO27001, and SOC 2.
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Microscope for Jira
Instantly audit your Jira instance to identify resource-intensive apps, unused projects, inactive users, the quantity and size of attachments, and more, to help you maintain perfect Jira instance health at all times.
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Hierarchy for Jira logo
Hierarchy for Jira
Hierarchy for Jira extends Jira's native issue hierarchy to help you see your projects from every angle at once. Make smarter decisions, set priorities accurately, and forecast project timelines with confidence.
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Share your feedback on our apps and get rewarded!

Fancy a reward for sharing your feedback on our Jira apps?Join a feedback session and get $50 in the form of an Amazon voucher, our exclusive Upscale swag, or a donation to your favourite charity!

Discover other great brands from The Adaptavist Group

Helping great teams do their best work
Industry experts superpowering businesses with integrations, licensing solutions, training, consultancy, and trusted managed services.
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Kolekti logo
On a mission to end inefficient work
Specialists in building brilliant work management products such as Content Formatting Macros (the essential Confluence page toolkit), Forms for Confluence (the platform’s most advanced form solution) and the recently-launched Guided Pathways.
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ScriptRunner logo
Redefine what’s possible where you work
Synonymous with automation and customisation, ScriptRunner tools allow you to automate boring, critical, or time-consuming tasks in Jira, Confluence and beyond to ensure that everyone sleeps easy.
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Schedule a personalised demo of our Jira apps

Did any of our Jira apps catch your eye at Team '24? Book a personalised demo with our team to see how they can help you transform the way your team uses Jira.