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Streamline your Slack workflows and get work done with our apps

Enhance your Slack experience with our suite of apps. Integrate seamlessly with both and Jira and streamline your workflows directly within Slack.
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Get your everyday work done in Slack with our integrated apps

Simplify your Slack workflows by turning your everyday conversations into real-time, actionable project updates. Save time by creating a central hub for all your work in Slack. Whether you're using or Jira to manage your projects, integrate them seamlessly with Slack for complete alignment and enhanced collaboration across your entire team.
Workflow Steps For Jira is such a simple app, but it's solving such a critical use case. I can even think of use cases it can solve for other teams and not just mine. There are so many conversations that happen in Slack, but they just get lost, right? But with this app, you can just create a workflow that helps you keep everything organised.
Sandesh Kumar
Engineering Manager - Cloud Foundation & Quality Engineering, TAG

Integrate Plus for and Slack

Integrate Plus for and Slack helps both Slack and users to boost productivity through reduced platform-switching. From real-time actionable notifications to managing your entire board from within Slack, our app has you covered end-to-end.

Ensure all your essential updates are tracked, monitored and updated in - all directly from Slack with Integrate Plus for and Slack.
Integrate Plus for and Slack

Workflow Steps for Jira

Workflow Steps for Jira is the first multi-step app for Slack's Workflow Builder, enabling you to seamlessly integrate Jira tasks into your Slack workflow. Boost productivity, streamline communication and stay on top of your tasks—all in one centralised hub. Empower you and your teams to manage their projects more efficiently today with Workflow Steps for Jira.

* Compatible with Slack Workflow Builder until 12 September 2024.
Workflow Steps for Jira

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