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Unlock even more value from your Atlassian tools

Our award-winning apps for Jira help you unlock the features you always wanted in your team's most important everyday work platform.
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We support teams that rely on Atlassian

Atlassian's market-leading software helps teams of all sizes be more productive and exceed their goals on a daily basis.
Among Atlassian's powerful suite of tools is Jira: a powerful agile project management tool used by 100,000+ fast-growing organisations. Jira is the perfect platform to help busy teams plan complex projects, track important tasks, and support their company's wider goals.
One of Jira's core benefits is that it's flexible and extendable: install the right app, and the potential is limitless.
At Upscale, we craft award-winning apps for Jira made to help everyone on your team hit their potential. From enhancing your agile project management, to upgrading your IT security, our Jira apps have got you covered.

Recognised by Atlassian

Atlassian awarded Microscope for Jira with the Partner of the Year 2022 award for Migration Ready Apps, as a sign of
The Atlassian Partner of the Year awards highlight our continued focus on creating the tools that make your cloud investments truly deliver.
Migration ready award

Encryption for Jira

Encryption for Jira safeguards your most important data stored in Jira custom fields and attachments using disk-level encryption, as well as ensuring your organisation is compliant with key regulations such as the GDPR, ISO27001, and SOC 2.
Never worry about the security of data stored in Jira again.
encryption for jira

Hierarchy for Jira

Hierarchy for Jira extends Jira's native issue hierarchy to help you see your projects from every angle at once. Combine all your tasks and issues into one view, so you can identify dependencies quickly and make informed decisions with confidence.
Make smarter decisions, set priorities accurately, and forecast project timelines with confidence.
hierarchy for jira

Microscope for Jira

Microscope for Jira is an award-winning app that audits your Jira instance to identify resource-intensive apps, unused projects, inactive users, the quantity and size of attachments, and more.
After running your audit with Microscope for Jira, you can easily clean up any unused resources to reduce the costs of future migrations.

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