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Elevate your projects in with our award-winning apps

Upscale your team's performance with our suite of customisable apps, designed to boost productivity and supercharge your project management in apps

Unlock's full potential with Upscale apps

Crafted to enhance your team's productivity and collaboration in, our range of award-winning, integrated apps are here to ensure you're getting the most from the world's ultimate Work Operating System. Explore our suite of apps and take your project management to the next level today in

Recognised as one of the best apps of 2023 has recognised Recurring Tasks as one of the 7 best apps for 2023! Our app won 'Most Installed App in 2023', meaning from apps created in 2023, Recurring Tasks has the highest number of installations!
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Recurring Tasks for

Recurring Tasks for empowers you and your teams to take your use to the next level by accurately reflecting routine or regularly recurring tasks in your boards, calendar, timelines, Kanban and reports.

Save time planning tasks and never miss anything important again thanks to Recurring Tasks for
recurring tasks,

Smart Forms for

Smart Forms for has been crafted to help you simplify your data collection processes from forms, customer questionnaires and surveys. Save valuable time by automating the analysis and categorisation of qualitative information and communicate directly with your respondents instantly.

Streamline how you manage and analyse your form responses in with our award-winning, AI-powered solution; Smart Forms.
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Integrate Plus for and Slack

Integrate Plus for and Slack helps both Slack and users to boost productivity through reduced platform-switching. From real-time actionable notifications to managing your entire board from within Slack, our app has you covered end-to-end.

Ensure all your essential updates are tracked, monitored and updated in - all directly from Slack with Integrate Plus for and Slack.
Integrate Plus for and Slack

Unlimited Subitems for

Unlimited Subitems for empowers you to meticulously map out complex projects by creating multi-level subitem hierarchies. No longer restricted by single-level subitems, our app enables you to seamlessy track and manage your intricate workflows.

Go beyond the traditional subitems structure and gain unparalleled clarity and precision over your projects at every stage with Unlimited Subitems.
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