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Meet Smart Forms: the award-winning AI app
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Meet Smart Forms: the award-winning AI app

Charlie Courtney
Charlie Courtney
17th January, 2023
Meet Smart Forms: the award-winning AI app
Charlie Courtney
Charlie Courtney
17th January, 2023
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"Data is only as valuable as the insights we can extract from it, guiding us toward informed decisions and strategic actions."

The world is changing faster than ever in an increasingly digital landscape.

Several technological advancements in the 21st century have completely revolutionised how we work, live and communicate with each other.

From the introduction of cloud computing to help us better store and manage our data (RIP memory stick that doubled as a key chain), to the acceleration of tools and solutions that have enabled globally remote working, the evolution of immersive experiences thanks to Augmented and Virtual reality - the norm is constantly being challenged. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence belongs right at the top of that list.
The rapid expansion of AI-powered tools has redefined how businesses across the globe, of all sizes, manage their work, projects and tasks.

Enter, the ultimate Work Operating System and Upscale, the project management experts!

Together we're proud to announce our very first award-winning, AI-powered solution: Smart Forms for

Designed to help you gain valuable insights from your customers and better optimise how you extract and analyse your data from form responses, Smart Forms will help you unlock the potential of AI in

Read on to learn how to get started with your powerful new tool, the origins and development of Smart Forms, and how to start creating more personal interactions with your customers while working smarter, not harder, in

Smart Forms for - the next step in customer interaction

Created for our award-winning submission at the 2023 Hackathon, we've developed Smart Forms to help you streamline how you extract and manage your customer insights from form responses using

Collecting data from your customers is essential, right? But what good is it if it can't be analysed, is difficult to manage, or doesn't provide you with actionable insights moving forward?

Think of your data as a library full of books. If you don't read them, they gather dust and the wealth of information they hold goes unnoticed and unappreciated. You already have the library in Now start reading the books using Smart Forms.

Smart Forms aims to make your insight collection process from questionnaires and surveys effortlessly efficient. Save valuable time by automating the analysis and categorisation of form responses and communicate directly with your respondents.

So, whether you're a marketing professional conducting pricing research, a Human Resources team looking to streamline your employee satisfaction surveys, or perhaps you're a Product Manager looking to analyse product feedback, whatever your specific data needs are, Smart Forms is about to revolutionise how you gather those insights.

Let's take a closer look at Smart Forms for in action!

Easily structure your data by categorising your form responses

First things first, install the app from the marketplace here.

Now you've installed the app, click on the ‘AI Assistant’ at the top of your board. There you will see all three features available to you with the Smart Forms app:
  1. Categorise replies
  2. Extract insights
  3. Get back to responders
Screenshot showing how to access the AI Assistant in
Let's start with ‘Categorise replies'.

So you've collected all of this data from a recent survey, but there's no rhyme or reason to how it's been categorised in your board. It will take time and effort to sort through all those form responses to try and organise them in a way that makes sense, right?

Not any more. With Smart Forms' 'Categorise replies' feature, you can automatically generate tags in a designated column based on the answers provided in your forms. This way, you can categorise and organise your responses in a structured way that works for you, making analysis, filtering and sorting nice and easy. Let's take a look at how.

When you select the ‘Categorise replies’ feature from the AI Assistant, you'll see two options, each with a dropdown box:

1. Select the relevant columns to categorise form replies: this dropdown menu will show the questions you have in your questionnaire or survey and will allow you to select the relevant column in your board. For example, the question in your form could be, 'How do you use AI technology in your workplace?' This will also be the name of the column you select.

2. Choose the column to which the tags will be added: here we create the tags to help you categorise your column data. Select the dropdown menu and hit ‘+ Create new tag columns', then click the ‘Generate tags' button. Smart Forms will then automatically create a new ‘Tags’ column and generate bespoke tags based on the form responses provided.
Screenshot showing how to access the 'Categorise Replies' feature in Smart Insights for
You can then use these tags to help sort and categorise your form data and gain quick, at-a-glance insights. Staying with the example above, thanks to the tags you've just created, you can see how many people use AI in their workplace for 'writing assistance' in a matter of seconds.
Screenshot showing the dedicated 'Tag' Column in Smart Forms for
It's so easy, right? Next, let's dive into the ‘Extract insights’ feature.

Conveniently create dedicated summary boards for your insights

Analysing your data and addressing the fundamental question, ‘What does this actually tell us?' is one of the most time-consuming aspects of customer research.

Not anymore. With Smart Forms’ 'Extract insights’ feature, you can easily consolidate a summary for each question on your existing board onto a new dedicated board. To extract insights from the questions/form responses on your existing board:

1. Select the ‘Extract insights’ feature from the AI Assistant.
Screenshot showing how to 'Extract form insights' using Smart Forms for
2. You'll then see a dropdown menu asking you to select the columns you'd like to include in your summary board.

3. The options given in the dropdown will reflect the questions in your form.

4. Select which questions you would like a summary for (in the example below, we've selected all questions from our survey, meaning we want a summary for all the data in the form).
Screenshot showing how to select the columns you want to be included in your summary using Smart Forms for
5. Next, click ‘Add to board'.
Smart Forms will then automatically create a new board for your summary data, which you can access on the left-hand side alongside your existing boards.
Screenshot showing your newly-created summary board using the 'Extract Insights' feature in Smart Forms for

Keep communication open with personalised responses

Ultimately, the goal of any consumer research should be to improve engagement and communication with your customers.

Whether your customer is external (for example, an Event Planner gathering feedback for a Q&A session) or internal (IT requests for your support team), you should aim to provide a more interactive and personalised experience.  

Why? So you can nurture healthy and more long-lasting relationships moving forward. When planting a seed in your garden, you wouldn't water it once and never look at it again. You give it plenty of water, sun and attention and, over time, watch it bloom into a beautiful flower. Similarly, you want to avoid discouraging future responses or feedback from those who have been generous enough with their time already.

Either no response at all, or a blanket one that’s clearly a template, are two surefire ways to negatively impact your customer engagement.

However, we understand that crafting carefully tailored responses to feedback given takes a lot of time and work, particularly if you're racking up form responses in the hundreds and thousands. Luckily, Smart Forms is here to do the heavy lifting for you.

The ‘Get back to responders' feature helps you create a tailored experience for every user by generating personalised responses based on the feedback they have provided.

Here's how:
1. Select the ‘Get back to responders’ feature from the AI Assistant.
Screenshot showing how to access the 'Get back to responders' feature in Smart Forms for
2. There will be a dropdown menu where you can select the questions you want to create responses for (again in this example, we have selected all the questions).
Screenshot showing how to select the relevant columns for your replies using Smart Forms for
3. You can then select the tone of the response from the options: 'Conversational', ‘Professional’ or ‘Semi-formal’ (we have selected ‘Conversational’).
Screenshot showing how to select the chosen tone of voice for your responses using Smart Forms for
4. Next, type in the purpose of the response you're sending, for example: ‘I want to thank the person for their response’.
Screenshot showing how to generate your response using Smart Forms for
5. After completing these steps, click the ‘Generate’ button.
Screenshot showing how to complete the response generator by clicking the 'Generate' button in Smart Forms for
Smart Forms will then generate personalised responses and automatically add them to a newly-created ‘Personalised responses’ column. From there you can hover over the items in that column to view the full response, and you can edit these at any time.
Screenshot showing how to view the personalised response you've just created using Smart Forms for
And voila! You can now facilitate ongoing, bespoke conversations and engagements with your customers in seconds, thanks to Smart Forms for

Start transforming your customer interactions with Smart Forms

Now you've seen what Smart Forms can do, start supercharging your customer engagements with the powerful new tool at your fingertips. We don't ever want to remove the human element from customer interaction. Rather, we want to give the people involved in those engagements, on both sides, the tools to engage in more meaningful conversations and work more efficiently. We are confident Smart Forms for does exactly that.

Give Smart Forms for a try and let us know your feedback

We'd love to hear how you're experiencing the app!
Is there a new feature you'd like to see added? Or do you have a specific use case or challenge you'd like some help with? Then let us know here and we'll be in touch to better understand your needs and how we can help!

Be sure to check out our other apps Unlimited Subitems and Recurring Tasks to complete your Upscale/ collection and ensure you're enjoying the ultimate version of this wonderful platform.

Finally, head over to our hub page for all the latest news, updates and resources from your team at Upscale.

That's all for now folks, be sure to check in for more updates and use cases for Smart Forms to come, and as our friends at would say - 'Done'.
Written by
Charlie Courtney
Charlie Courtney
Senior Content Marketing Manager
Charlie is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Upscale, and has worked in B2B/B2C marketing for nearly a decade. Charlie is responsible for crafting integrated content marketing campaigns that elevate our products, champion our brand, and create memorable experiences for our customers.