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Our goal is to make every work day a great one

About us

Our story

We believe work apps should do more than just work.
Starting as a budding suite within the Adaptavist portfolio, our apps rapidly gained popularity for solving everyday work problems on leading platforms like Atlassian,, and Slack.
And so, a new brand was born: Upscale—built on the idea that work tools should actually make your work day better. Backed by industry leader, The Adaptavist Group, we are a fast-growing company with our own identity and ambitions, keen to shape a new future of work.
Why Upscale? It means to make something better, bigger, and more powerful and that's exactly what we do. Our goal is to elevate your work and your day to new heights!

our story

Our Mission

Work apps are often viewed as functional tools to get through the day. Not something you look forward to using.
But we see things differently.
We believe work apps should be as enjoyable as your favourite personal ones.
They should help you out, support your goals, and make your day easier, not eat away at your spirit.
That's why we've crafted a suite of apps that work like a dream with the platforms you already know and love. Our goal? Free you from tedious tasks and get you to greatness every day.
Our mission

Our Values

At Upscale, our goal is clear: to bring our customers a helpful and enjoyable app experience every single time. Our core values play a big part in making this happen. Here’s why…
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At our core, we're all about you—our valued customers. We're obsessed with understanding what makes you tick, not in a creepy way, but in a genuinely curious way. Our aim is to craft apps that simplify your work, spark those "aha" moments, and unleash your full potential.
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We're dedicated to crafting apps that go beyond the basics, bringing you real value while keeping you, the human, at the heart of everything we do. Our measure for what we design and build is simple: does it make your day easier? 
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We’re creators and innovators, always looking for ways to stay ahead and be at the forefront of the future workplace. So we explore, experiment, and embed our learnings, always striving to make our apps the best they can be.

Meet the team

Meet the team
Jari Worsley
As General Manager of Upscale, Jari’s mission is to simplify and improve work for all. Curious by nature, he uses data and models to uncover what’s missing, always asking, ‘Why?
Fun fact: At age 11, Jari wrote his first program on an Atari and has been hooked on tech since.
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Meet the team
Chirag Harendra
Heading Upscale's marketing strategy, Chirag oversees all touchpoints where we communicate and interact with our customers. A believer in silver linings, he's all about positivity—you'll always find his glass half full! Fun fact: A self-professed geek, Chirag studied computer science before making the leap to marketing.
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Meet the team
Paul Cutting
As Upscale's Head of Engineering, Paul brings 25+ years' of experience in Agile Coaching, Security, Compliance, and Engineering. Having a strong focus on intrinsic motivation, he’s always looking for ways to inspire team excellence and innovation. Fun fact: Paul considered becoming a chef before joining the tech industry.
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Meet the team
Uxia Fernandez
As Upscale’s Head of Product, Uxía drives our product strategy and vision, prioritising innovation and customer-centricity. She is passionate about empowering women in tech and creating a more equitable industry. Fun fact: Uxía’s journey as an entrepreneur started early on when she established two businesses during her student years!
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