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Smart Forms

Take the next step in customer interaction with Smart Forms

Upscale your customer data management and analysis from forms in
Smart Forms

Introducing the award-winning, Smart Forms for

Streamline how you manage and analyse your form responses in with our award-winning, AI-powered solution; Smart Forms.

Winner of the 2023 Hackathon, Smart Forms for has been crafted to help you simplify your data collection processes from forms, customer questionnaires and surveys. Save valuable time by automating the analysis and categorisation of qualitative information and communicate directly with your respondents instantly.

Welcome to a new era in customer engagement and communication; take the first exciting step with Smart Forms for!

2023 AI app hackathon winner!

Smart Forms took home the grand prize at 2023's AI app hackathon! Taking part as one of over 1,600 participants, Smart Forms was awarded the top prize and recognised as the outstanding app that truly embodied the spirit of the AI hackathon.
Smart Form 2023 AI app hackathon winner

Save time by automating form data analysis and categorisation

By automatically generating tags for your data, based on the answers provided by your form respondents, you can structure your customer data in a way that works for you. You'll see exactly what you need to see, quickly and easily, empowering you and your team with more confident decision-making and enhanced productivity.
Smart forms

Visualise your form data to gain valuable, actionable insights

Easily consolidate your important information into dedicated boards that are generated automatically. The result? It'll be quicker and easier than ever for team members to access data summaries and extract valuable insights from forms of data, effortlessly enhancing collaboration, decision-making, and efficiency.
smart forms

Nurture personalised customer communication and engagement

Generate personalised responses based on the individual form responses you've received from your customer survey. You can engage in and nurture bespoke conversations with your respondents in seconds. Save time and enhance ongoing communication with your clients using ChatGPT 4-created messages, tailor-made based on the feedback provided through your forms.
smart forms

Getting started with Smart Forms for

Start taking your customer data management and analysis from forms to the next level! Watch our demo video to help you get started with Smart Forms for

Check out our quick-start guide for more hints and tips on getting started with Smart Forms.


The Smart Forms for app offers both monthly and annual subscription options. The monthly subscription allows users to pay monthly, while the yearly subscription provides a 15% discounted rate. Please note that all prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT.
Monthly USD
Up to 20
Up to 36
Up to 510
Up to 1020
Up to 1530
Up to 2040
Up to 2550
Up to 3055
Up to 4060
Up to 5070
Up to 100120
Up to 200200
Up to 400300
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Yearly USD
Up to 20
Up to 360
Up to 596
Up to 10204
Up to 15300
Up to 20408
Up to 25504
Up to 30552
Up to 40612
Up to 50708
Up to 1001224
Up to 2002040
Up to 4003060
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Smart Forms FAQs

Smart Forms for is our AI-based app for that simplifies managing and analysing your customer feedback from form responses. Our app streamlines communication with respondents, categorises qualitative data, generates personalised replies and efficiently organises responses.
Smart Forms for automates the handling, categorisation and organisation of form responses, improving communication with personalised response options.
Yes, Smart Forms for allows you to automatically analyse and categorise qualitative information provided by form respondents, making it easier to draw valuable insights from your data.
The ‘Get back to responders’ feature generates customised responses based on the feedback provided, enabling efficient and effective communication with your respondents.
The ‘Extract form insights’ feature creates a dedicated dashboard where you can analyse responses to each form question, providing organised and comprehensive insights.
Smart Forms for is compatible with WorkForms and other form integrations on the platform.
You can check out our intro blog, documentation and our demo video to help you get started with the app.
The pricing is per account and it is based on the number of users the account has.
Any user with access to a account with an active Smart Forms license.
Smart Forms supports billing through Ensure the app is installed in your account first and then complete the following steps:
  1. Click on the 'Installed Apps' button located at the top-right corner of the apps marketplace. Click on 'Smart Forms'.
  2. You will be redirected to the app's main page. Click on the 'Billing' tab in the menu at the top-left of your screen.
  3. Once in the 'Billing' tab, click 'Upgrade plan'.
  4. Choose a plan based on what works best for you and your team! Once you select a plan, click 'Continue to checkout' at the bottom-right corner of your screen.
Pay by credit card or PayPal and click 'Complete your purchase' at the bottom-right corner of your screen.
If you purchased a paid plan and want to change it before it is renewed, please contact us through our support portal. If you are still in the trial phase, just cancel the current plan and purchase the one you prefer.
Visit our End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy for more information.

Harness the power of Smart Forms for today

Start your 14-day free trial of Smart Forms today to categorise replies, extract insights and automate customer responses in