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How clean is your Jira?
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How clean is your Jira?

Charlie Courtney
Charlie Courtney
16th April, 2024
An illustrated Jira board with a magnifying glass and a padlock hovering over the top of it.
Charlie Courtney
Charlie Courtney
16th April, 2024
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Why it's key to keep a clean Jira
What is Encryption for Jira?
How can Encryption for Jira help you to clean up your Jira?
What is Microscope for Jira?
How can Microscope for Jira help you to clean up your Jira?
Start cleaning your Jira today!

In this post, we'll explore the importance of maintaining a clean Jira, and introduce you to two essential tools, Encryption for Jira and Microscope for Jira.

A clean Jira = a clear mind.

Disorganisation, delays, leaks—if you're a Project Manager or Admin using Jira, these are just some of the buzzwords you definitely don't want to hear.

Think of Jira as your home. Would you be comfortable with guests visiting, only to find laundry strewn all over the floor, leaky taps and mouldy ceilings? (But enough about my University dorm room…).

Jira's strength lies in its versatility. It's become an essential tracking and project management platform for organisations of all sizes globally. However, like your home, if you don't take the necessary steps to ensure your Jira's security and cleanliness, instances quickly become cluttered, resulting in disarray and disorder.

In this post, we'll explore the importance of maintaining a clean Jira, and introduce you to two essential tools, Encryption for Jira and Microscope for Jira, that can help you streamline and secure your Jira instances and workflows.

Let's dive in!

Why it's key to keep a clean Jira

A well-organised and secure Jira is crucial for maximising your team's productivity, maintaining data integrity, and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. If you're working on multiple, cross-functional projects across your organisation, the need for a clean Jira becomes even more significant. The risk of data leaks and hidden costs becomes even greater.

Keeping a clean Jira is vital if you want to achieve:
  1. Improved performance: a cluttered Jira can lead to slower performance, causing frustration for users and negatively impacting your team's productivity. By keeping your instance clean, you're providing your team with the platform they need to deliver projects efficiently and on time by ensuring they have access to the information they need quickly and easily.
  2. Enhanced collaboration: effective collaboration is at the core of Jira's functionality. A clean Jira enables better communication and collaboration among your project team, as it provides a big-picture view of your project from start to finish.
  3. Data integrity: ensuring data accuracy is essential for making informed decisions. A cluttered Jira instance can compromise data integrity, potentially leading to errors, misunderstandings and in extreme cases, leaks and breaches.
  4. Compliance and security: many industries have strict data security and compliance requirements. Keeping your Jira clean is crucial for meeting these regulations and protecting your sensitive information.
  5. Reduced maintenance: regular maintenance checks and clean ups reduce the effort required to manage your Jira instance. A clean Jira will ultimately save you time, resources and costs.
If you're struggling to achieve any of the goals we’ve outlined above, your Jira cleanliness may be an issue and is likely due a spruce-up.

Luckily, your friends at Upscale have a couple of powerful tools at the ready to help you do just that:
  1. Encryption for Jira
  2. Microscope for Jira
Let's explore each tool and show you how to start tidying your Jira instances today!

Securing your data with Encryption for Jira

What is Encryption for Jira?

Encryption for Jira is an easy-to-configure solution that enhances your Jira security by protecting your most sensitive fields and attachments.

How can Encryption for Jira help you to clean up your Jira?

Created specifically to focus on data security within your Jira instance, Encryption for Jira provides robust encryption for all your Jira attachments and custom fields, protecting your sensitive data from unauthorised access.

A secure Jira will ensure a clean Jira. Let's look at some of the features in a little more detail and highlight how they can help give your Jira that pristine look:

1. Protecting your sensitive information by encrypting custom fields and attachments

With Encryption for Jira, you can encrypt data in custom fields and attachments, such as:
  • Passwords.
  • Personal information.
  • Confidential documents.
Using the 'Encrypt custom fields' feature (single or multi-line options), you can encrypt your sensitive data (including salaries, client data, financial information, etc) stored in your Jira database.

In doing so, you're giving yourself the best possible chance to keep your sensitive data in Jira protected at all times and safe from unrestricted access, reducing the risk of data breaches and leaks within your company (which can get things very messy very quickly, to say the least!).

In short, you're maintaining not only your data's security, but it’s integrity and cleanliness too.

2. Set permissions by restricting attachments and customising field visibility

Thanks to Encryption for Jira, Jira Admins have the ability to control who can access encrypted data. This feature ensures that only authorised users can view and edit sensitive information.

By restricting access for certain users or groups to view/edit custom fields and view/download attachments, you can hide certain information (client data, for example) while still making the issue available for sharing, meaning you're still enabling collaboration with team members while simultaneously protecting sensitive information they may not necessarily need access to.

The result: by limiting permissions to specific users, you reduce the risk of anyone and everyone going in and messing up your sensitive data (even if it's unintentionally). You're entrusting your data with those you can be sure will keep it clean.

3. No more pesky compliance penalties

By upscaling your Jira security and ensuring your data's integrity, you can be safe in the knowledge that you're adhering to industry standard compliance regulations.

Whether it's GDPR, ISO 27001, SOC 2 or any other regulations, Encryption for Jira is the must-have tool for Jira Admins looking for peace of mind knowing all the appropriate compliance measures are being met.

Say goodbye to messy non-compliance penalties and hello to a clean, reliable Jira.

Comprehensive auditing and reporting with Microscope for Jira

What is Microscope for Jira?

Microscope for Jira is an award-winning tool that enables you to:
  • Audit your Jira instance.
  • Get critical insights into workflow, project and user data.
  • Help migration and clean ups.

How can Microscope for Jira help you to clean up your Jira?

Microscope for Jira allows you to track and analyse user activities, permissions and configurations, helping you maintain a clean and efficient Jira environment. Here's how Microscope for Jira can assist you in your Jira clean up efforts:

1. Clean up and consolidate quickly and confidently

Microscope for Jira allows you to monitor user activity within Jira. This feature helps identify inactive users, unused projects, and obsolete data.

You'll have access to accurate, well-structured data to make informed decisions that keep your Jira instance healthy and maintenance costs down.

Again, think of Jira as your house. If you're anything like me, you've probably signed up for more streaming subscriptions over the years than you'd care to count. While this does make for a nice night in front of the telly, you can quickly lose track if you're not careful.

Have you ever sat down and thought, 'Why are me and my partner each paying for separate Netflix accounts?' or 'Why am I still paying for Apple TV+ when I haven't watched it in six months?'.

Similarly, your Jira may still be accounting for the cost of apps with overlapping functionalities, or licences for users who are no longer active. Microscope for Jira helps you to quickly identify and remove resource-intensive apps, unused projects or inactive users to help you better plan for migrations and save on licensing costs.

2. Customised reports for accurate Jira overviews

Microscope for Jira offers customisable reports and dashboards, giving you a clear overview of your Jira instance's health.

With accurate reports in just a few minutes, you can apply custom filters to unearth the most relevant information, helping you focus on where you should be prioritising your clean up efforts.

Think of this as your home buyer's survey report before buying your dream house. Your report has identified that the boiler needs servicing, there's damp in the bathroom and leaky pipes that all need fixing before you move in.

Similarly, Microscope for Jira's reports identify critical information about your Jira instances, including hidden costs for licences and apps, workflow data and obsolete projects - all of which need to be addressed to ensure a smooth, clean migration.

3. Streamline, optimise and accelerate your Jira migration

Moving house can be a long, arduous process. Once you've settled on your new place, you just want to move in as quick as possible!

But you want to have all the necessary information first, and ensure you've dotted every i and crossed every t.

When it comes to Jira migrations, you can save days of migration planning by using Microscope for Jira to access critical information on workflows, projects, users and more!

The app provides you with the valuable insights you need to help assess your migration needs and identify cost-saving opportunities.

The challenge with relying on a manual Jira clean up is two-fold. Not only is it a massive drain on your time, but it's also prone to simple human errors. Plus, there's always the nagging worry: what if something crucial slips through the cracks?

Using Microscope for Jira to clean up your Jira pre-migration, you're providing a secure path for your sensitive data. By decluttering and organising before the migration, you significantly lower the risk of data breaches and regulatory non-compliance. It's all about ensuring that your data is handled appropriately at every stage of the process, with the right security measures in place.

Start cleaning your Jira today!

Maintaining a clean and secure Jira is essential for optimising productivity, ensuring data integrity, and meeting compliance requirements. Encryption for Jira and Microscope for Jira are two valuable tools to help you achieve these goals. By leveraging these solutions, you can streamline your Jira workflows, protect sensitive data, and reduce the administrative burdens.
So, how clean is your Jira? It's time to take action and make it cleaner and more secure than ever with Encryption for Jira and Microscope for Jira today!
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Charlie Courtney
Charlie Courtney
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